A more conscious way to experience Cape Town

We believe that to truly love a place, you need to understand the soul and the people of that place, not just enjoy it’s wine and good views. So if you’d like to experience a little more of the depth of Cape Town, her people and her history, and take some of that insight back home to the places you love, then we can help make your time in our beautiful region really meaningful and interesting. And you can still enjoy the wine and good views too!


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Heroes: people who bring us together

The heroes we have are the ones we deserve, so the saying goes. We’ll introduce you to the people that defined Cape Town, the famous, infamous and not-so-famous as we explore the places they knew as part of their personal stories.

The story of water

Learn more about how Cape Town’s sweet water formed it’s geography, history and people: the earliest rivers, the battles to control its power; and how Cape Town is working to change the way it uses water for the future.

Geography of apartheid

You’ll learn more about Cape Town’s Apartheid past from the perspective of Table Mountain and its streets.

Land: dispossession and reclamation

How land was stolen, divided and utilised. How land is being reclaimed today.

Sounds of the city

Language, music, poetry, noise and the unique noise of a one-of-a-kind city. You’ll experience CapeTown’s history and beauty in a tour of delightful and enlightening sounds at come of Cape Town’s iconic places.

46664 seconds in Cape Town

If you’ve only got one day in Cape Town and want to get a sense of SA history and the city that Mandela spent his first day of freedom in, this one day tour will introduce you to the places and people Mandela loved in the Mother City

The Team

Greg Andrews
Key Guide

     Greg was born in the Eastern Cape and grew up in Grahamstown, King Williams Town and later Paarl – all of which contributed to his abiding passion for heading up into the mountains to find perspective on his life and its questions.


     Greg is a qualified Mountain Guide, an experienced counsellor and facilitator and skills development trainer, having spent the last fifteen years working in various roles in NGO’s and the Methodist Church of Southern Africa helping people in crisis; in dealing with the realities of their lives; or in finding new ways to grow and flourish.


     Greg brings a deep appreciation of human resilience and creativity, a passion for finding positive ways forward, a sense of humour and joy for life to all he does. He is a gifted facilitator, a natural listener and has an immensely inclusive, comforting and encouraging spirit which will hold you up when you need it, and help you let go and fly when you want to.

Ricky Marais
Key Guide

     Born and raised in District 6, Ricky has first hand experience of South Africa’s Apartheid past which has informed his work with people in a career spanning more than 4 decades. He has worked in disadvantaged communities, as a counselor, community activist and consultant in development. Most recently he managed extended public work programmes in the Eastern Cape, Northern Cape and in Cape Town.


     Now, as a qualified guide, he uses his experience to teach visitors from all over the globe about the realities of South Africa. As much at ease in conversation with an addict living on the streets as he is entertaining his guests, Ricky is able to connect people across social and political divides to bring people together in their common humanity.


     Walking through Cape Town’s amazing places, Ricky brings the past to life in vibrant detail that celebrates human resilience and hope.


About Crossings Travel

”Conscious travel” is a phrase we use to describe the idea of engaging more deeply with the places we visit than just picking up the key ideas from a tourist map. We love Cape Town and it has so much history and politics and culture and community and talent to share, that we feel it should offer a much richer, deeper experience than just the spectacle of it’s beauty. We aim to connect visitors to those aspects of life they are most passionate about so that they leave feeling they have caught a glimpse of the soul of this place, as well as fabulous tastes and photos to share.


Greg: +27 (0)82 776 1371


Ricky: +27 (0)82 842 1613