Table Mountain – the landmark that shaped South African history.

Have a qualified Crossing Travel tour guide take you on a captivating tour of Table Mountain, receive a great introduction to Cape Town city while learning the lay of the land.


Location: Cape Town Table Mountain
Departure time: 8 am
Return time: 2 pm
Duration: 4 – 6 hours
Price: R1800.00 per person
Minimum guest: 2 (for smaller groups, price on request)
Includes: pick-nick, cable car, qualified mountain guide, hiking (optional, risk for caution)

Receive a captivating introduction to the city of Cape Town from Crossings Travel as our experienced and qualified mountain guide takes you on a tour of Table Mountain like no other and shares with you the history of the land below. 

Most people take the cable car up by themselves without a guide and that is certainly a good idea. Walking down might be more challenging than you think. Most hikers find it easier to walk up as the descent is hard on the knees. If you do decide to hike up or down on your own, stick to the Platteklip Gorge route as this is the only safe route if you do not know the mountain. Any other routes you should take a guide.

The advantage of taking a Crossings Travel guide is that in addition to experiencing the beauty of the mountain you’ll also learn about the mountain’s integral place in the South African story something very few people know. We also use the vantage of Table Mountain as a useful introduction to the history of Cape Town, especially because, if you know where to look, the Apartheid spatial planning of our past is still evident from up there.

Furthermore, when we take parties up the mountain we are able to show them more interesting routes as well as choice picnic spots on top that is not easy to find (the picnic is included in the fee). You’ll also benefit from the experience of a qualified mountain guide who will quickly be able to assess what route fits your ability and interests. Whether you cable car both ways or hike at all, a guide will make it easier to maximize the time you have on the mountain.