District Six and City Walk – the places that shaped us and the people who give us hope.

Since our feature “The history of the Khoisan”, we all know that Cape Town had a history before Jan van Riebeeck. Join Crossings Travel on their Walk through the city tour where you will introduced to the unspoken and often forgotten history of Cape Town.


Location: Green market square and District 6
Departure time: 10 am
Return time: +- 3.30 pm 
Duration: 4 hours
Price: R1500.00 per person
Minimum guest: 2 (for smaller groups, price on request)
Rate includes: A walk through the city center with history before and after Dutch settlers, landmarks, underground archaeology. Visit the castle, city hall, Mandela, lunch, District 6 tour with an optional visit to the museum.  

While walking through Cape Town’s city centre, you will gain historical information on how the town came to be and see many of Cape Town’s historical landmarks.

This is a walking tour with a lunch stop. We introduce you to some of the unseen history of the streets of the city as well as the history of forced removals and District 6. As mentioned before, there are numerous interesting food stops in the city that can be chosen. Our favourite is Biesmiellahs which is in Bo-Kaap. This is a Cape Malay restaurant with wonderful character, history and delicious food. If there are specific foods you’re interested in or dietary requirements, let me know and we can change the lunch stop.

Ricky, our guide, grew up in District 6 and experienced the brutality of the Apartheid regime personally. A great story teller, Ricky brings to life the vibrant cultures of the old District which still find expression in Cape Town today, despite years of oppression. Ricky’s personal stories and his knowledge of the South African story will leave you encouraged by the extraordinary capacity for forgiveness that he believes all people share.